Application Developer/Analyst (Full Stack)

Location: Philippines

Work Arrangement: Work from home / Hybird

Work Hours: TBD PST, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

We are seeking a developer/analyst to join our DevOps team. The ideal candidate is an innovative thinker who is not afraid to take on big challenges. A person with attention to detail and a high standard for excellence.

Essential Functions:

  • Create, maintain, and enhance end-to-end testing programs
  • Develop, debug, document, maintain and enhance internally developed end-user applications
  • Provide end-user training, documentation, and support for applications developed/supported
  • Verify, validate, and test code changes
  • Consult with departmental personnel for requirements for new development/refinement and problem definition
  • Research and resolve problems with browsers, desktops, mobile devices, application and database servers, and related software.
  • Efficiently reproduce reported software problems, analyzing logs, data, and system results to provide comprehensive and robust information to developers so they can quickly resolve the problems
  • Help resolve difficult issues, often with little information, spanning across large and distributed systems
  • Be available to help with critical customer issues that are reported to Success personnel. This includes reproducing and documenting production issues, analyzing logs, or clarifying intended functionality.
  • Track status on testing activities accurately and in a timely fashion
  • Regularly, methodically, and consistently perform detail-oriented, robust testing of HMG products, including item-level, integration, regression, end-to-end (scenario), usability, installation, and compatibility testing
  • Work cooperatively and exhibit behavior that yields positive, constructive, and strong relationships with peers. Display positivity, flexibility, and patience. Able to work under pressure and accept supervision
  • Clearly and concisely identify software defects and other issues, both in written and oral language. Speak with poise and calmly adapt to dynamic situations
  • Ensure testing activities always lead towards the growth of HMG collective knowledge through strong test cases and knowledge base documentation
  • Create structured, clean, and cohesive test cases for all new features and/or functional changes in the software, organized into repeatable test suites.
  • Build a deep understanding of HMG products, customers, product configurations, and data.
  • Develop a strong empathy for HMG clients and their needs
  • Display a passion for constant learning of new product features, technologies, and customer operational practices. Seek out information from peers about changes and document findings


  • Bachelor’s degree in the related field preferred
  • Must have at least 3-5 years of industry experience
  • Experience with Postman to document, test, and monitor API is highly desired
  • Working knowledge of testing principles and practices, breadth of understanding in testing methodologies, and experience performing a variety of kinds of manual testing
  • Working knowledge of at least one RDBMS database and understanding of other types of databases and data storage means (caching solutions, NoSQL, Key/Value Stores), their benefits, and purpose in software. Experience with MySQL a plus
  • Experience developing web-based applications using HTML5, PHP, Perl, Angular, Node.js, and/or JavaScript. Experience working in a UNIX or Linux environment. Experience working with WordPress themes and plugins is a plus
  • Experience with AWS, Rackspace, apache, MySQL, Nagios, FreeIPA, Ionic Appflow, Node.js, and/or Nginx
  • Ability to understand and or develop platform-specific scripting platforms. Linux/Mac BASH a plus
  • Working experience reading and analyzing log messages, and demonstrable understanding of the purpose and value of logging
  • Excellent analytical skills, close attention to detail supported by strong experience using MS Office applications: Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, for presentation, organization, and analysis
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to work independently, maintain a professional demeanor, and work as a team member without daily supervision
  • Must be able to work in a dynamic, varied, and fast-paced environment. Flexibility, tolerance to change, adaptation, pragmatism, and commitment are a necessity
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