CAD Detailer

Location: Philippines

Work Arrangement: Work from home / Hybird

Work Hours: 2PM – 11PM PST, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

We design some really cool stuff, and we need your help in making these things come to life.  So, we need you to engineer solutions that optimize fit, finish, weight, transportation constraints, timely set-up and dismantle of exhibits. Then we need to you communicate such solutions via straightforward, easy to understand drawing packages.

Essential Functions:

  • Draft & Engineer large complex jobs from start to finish
  • Produce detailed fabrication and assembly drawings for shop construction, round tubing, 2D CNC, millwork, and steel
  • Collaborate with estimating, project management team and manufacturing to bring conceptual ideas into detailed and accurate production plans.
  • CNC part extraction, layout, and programming.
  • Generate 3-dimensional computer models from design intent documents
  • Provide the build team with detailed construction drawings
  • Provide the field services team with accurate, detailed set-up drawings
  • Review design and concept drawings to understand scope and design intent
  • Produce precise drawings under strict time constraints
  • Provide material suggestions to the design and build team along with estimated costs
  • Maintain drawing packages to ensure the team is working on the current set
  • Collaborate closely with design to build and maintain a wide-ranging materials resource area
  • Meet with the production team for hand-off meetings.


  • Mastery in AutoCAD (3+ years working knowledge)
  • Gifted with spatial awareness and can understand drawings and renderings
  • Some trade show, scenic, or event experience would be a feather in your cap
  • You see drawings a communication language
  • Borderline OCD with details, timelines, and information
  • Can write and communicate using real words and full sentences
  • Enjoy the challenge of solving complex problems
  • Want to evolve as a person and professional
  • Seek to be a part of an energetic team the builds things
  • Can be clutch under pressure and deadlines
  • Are a genuinely good person with an awesome attitude
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