Social Media Communities manager

Location: Philippines

Work Arrangement: Work from home / Hybird

Work Hours: 2PM – 11PM PST, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

The Social Media Community Manager oversees managing and developing a brand’s online community. He/she acts as the brand’s spokesman and communicates with end-users within the communities.

The role will work closely with the marketing teams on the strategic planning of social media marketing campaigns.

The role is the first point of contact within the social media community and strives to engage and provide support to members of the community. The Social Media Community Manager is required to monitor trends and topics mentioned by the community and anticipate potential problems that may negatively affect brand reputation.

This role builds the brand’s online presence and fosters stronger relationships between the brand and the public.

Essential Functions:

The essential functions include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Serve as a point of contact for the company’s social media platforms such as Facebook
  • Curate and segment community members into qualified groups within HubSpot
  • Grow each community designing contests and other engagement ideas to facilitate community members to invite other entrepreneurs
  • Interact with community members and customers in a professional, personable, and timely manner to grow and keep the community alive
  • Enforce community standards
  • Advocate for the company and its clients’ membership and ensure interested parties are connected with local chapter resources and recruiting events
  • Work with the marketing, creative, and customer experience team to create high quality, engaging, relevant, and timely content
  • Manage the social media editorial calendar and ensure the content is published by the stipulated deadlines
  • Ensure that all chapter, regional and local events are listed on the community calendar
  • Foster and strengthen new relationships with key influencers within the community
  • Deploy social listening tools to monitor positive/negative comments and topic trends, and strive to boost engagement and resolve any potential conflicts that may affect brand reputation
  • Generate comprehensive reports on overall community sentiment and notable trends and provide meaningful feedback
  • Create graphics to be used for social media posts
  • Edit podcasts and upload videos to different platforms
  • Keep up to date to the latest social media trends and emerging social media platforms in the industry


  • 2-3 years of social media campaign and/or community development experience
  • Excellent grasp of all Microsoft 365 applications
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Aptitude in data management, analytics, and reporting preparation
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed
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