Data Specialist

Location: Philippines
Work Arrangement: Work from home
Work Hours:
2 PM – 11 PM Mountain Standard Time, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

As the Data Specialist, you are responsible for gathering information to assist consultants in working on their accounts. You are also responsible for accurately documenting any necessary information and communicating issues to consultants and/or their managers 

Essential Functions:

  • Manage internal (Sales Force) client tracking systems at each stage of the project for outgoing and incoming deliverables, keeping the project on track 
  • Conduct data entry, including adding client information, linking sites/accounts/contacts, creating, and updating 401K Plan/Business/Contacts details, uploading documents, queuing payments, as well as creating & updating information 
  • Use Excel-based tools regularly to track project and application details 
  • Review report submittals from our team ensuring they are generally accurate, and correctly formatted for client standards, and reaching back out for clarification or any missing information 
  • Pick up/deliver materials from/to clients on a monthly/quarterly/annual basis 
  • Perform other duties as assigned 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in the related field 
  • Experience in a multi-client environment 
  • Must be able to encode fast with accuracy 
  • Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications 
  • Strong organization and written communication skills 
  • Analytical skills with particular attention to detail 
  • Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation 
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed 

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