Operations Manager

Location: Philippines
Work Arrangement: Work from home
Work Hours:
8 AM – 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

As the Operations Manager, you are expected to oversee the general operational activities of the organization. You are also to help keep the processes legally compliant, manage the budget and ensure that customer service is at its peak. 

Essential Functions:

  • Ensure all operations are carried on in an appropriate, cost-effective way 
  • Improve operational management systems, processes, and best practices 
  • Purchase materials, plan inventory, and oversee warehouse efficiency 
  • Help the organization’s processes remain legally compliant 
  • Formulate strategic and operational objectives 
  • Examine financial data and use them to improve profitability 
  • Manage budgets and forecasts 
  • Perform quality controls and monitor production KPIs 
  • Recruit, train, and hold staff accountable to targets 
  • Find ways to increase the quality of customer service 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business, Operations Management or the related field 
  • Financial management experience and someone good with systems/process is a plus 
  • Experience in a multi-client environment 
  • Proven work experience as an Operations Manager or similar role 
  • Knowledge of organizational effectiveness and operations management 
  • Experience budgeting and forecasting 
  • Familiarity with business and financial principles 
  • Leadership ability 
  • Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications 
  • Strong organization, oral and written communication skills 
  • Analytical skills with particular attention to detail 
  • Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation 
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed 

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