Sales Development Representative

Location: Philippines
Work Arrangement: Work from home
Work Hours:
8 AM – 5 PM Central Standard Time, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

The Sales Development representative would be responsible for performing sales and marketing support tasks, ranging from setting up email campaigns, reaching out to prospects, managing social media accounts, and designing marketing peripherals. This role will also perform administrative responsibilities to help support the business team. 

Essential Functions:

  • Sales and Marketing tasks: 
    • Maintain e-mail lists in Excel, design and manage email campaigns for seasonal promos, bulletins, and reminders to target lists 
    • Send marketing outreach and messages 
    • Monitor and analyze the results of the campaigns for continuous impact improvement 
    • Follow up via email and phone calls with prospects, qualified customer lists, and sales agents to bring the leads higher on the sales funnel for closure 
    • Clean up current social media accounts and enhance communication and engagement with prospects, customers, and agents using all digital platforms 
    • Utilize platforms such as LinkedIn (scrubbing/mining B2B contacts) and Facebook (for brand building) and assess the usefulness of Twitter and TikTok 
    • Design digital forms and manage paid and unpaid advertising based on first establishing proof of concept on Linked in and Facebook 
    • Identify keywords for SEO/SEM and website effectiveness/improvement in tracking visitor interest on the website and on social media platforms 
    • Get the company ready for implementing CRM and eCommerce platforms 
  • General Admin tasks: 
    • Handle credit checks and collections and complete accounts receivable management 
    • Audit weekly UPS invoices prior to payment 
    • Prepare monthly sales reports for sales rep agencies and the manager 
    • Work with shippers in Asia and freight forwarders in the US to coordinate paperwork for import clearances 
    • Clean up files/folders on the company server and Dropbox 
    • Identify and tap into resource pool from online communities/candidate’s existing network for video making/editing, advance PowerPoint/presentation work, etc. as needed  
    • Maintain the product application database (Excel) for use in print and online catalogs and mediums and marketing intelligence and sales training 
    • Maintain price files and send price change notices to different customer types 
    • Assis the company’s transition from desktop version to cloud version of QuickBooks 
    • Find apps and patches to use QuickBooks more effectively in the fulfillment function (pick/pack/ship) and for advance pricing 
    • Manage calendars and webinar 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in the related field is preferred 
  • General tech-savvy and can help with productivity enhancements using tech apps and tools 
  • Knowledgeable with MS Office suite (with strong skills in Excel) and Google suite (which we are not using well) 
  • Knowledgeable in enhancing video capabilities  
  • Knowledgeable in Dropbox, Digital File, and folder organization/management 
  • Able to design templates for effective emails and do analytics on open rates/responses 
  • Has basic level graphic design for templating emails, flyers, and attachments 
  • Able to deliver customer service with a smile and friendly demeanor and has good phone/email etiquette 
  • Can multi-tasking and has strong organizational skills 
  • Experience in a multi-client environment 
  • Analytical skills with particular attention to detail 
  • Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation 
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed 

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