Systems Administrator Level I

Location: Philippines
Work Arrangement: Work from home
Work Hours:
8 AM – 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

The Systems Administrator Level I will partner with the Systems Administrator Level II to ensure all systems and technology work. 

Essential Functions:

  • Manage all aspects of user and license management including new user setup/deactivation, roles, profiles, permissions, and public groups 
  • Handle Salesforce configuration changes, including but not limited to: workflow, process builder, flow, assignment rules, approval processes, fields, page layouts, record types, dynamic layouts, apps, actions, custom settings, mobile administration, dashboards, and reports 
  • Manage sandbox environments 
  • Complete system update requests from the team  
  • Identify and gather requirements, and translating into best practices, and scalable solutions with a focus on exceptional user experience 
  • Identify unused or underutilized platform features and develop implementation plans 
  • Assist with the installation and implementation of new programs 
  • Manage communication of any platform changes to end users including creating technical documentation 
  • Contribute to completing operational quarterly projects 
  • Provide training to new teammates preparing them for their new role 
  • Undergo training in other roles to deepen the infrastructure of our operation 
  • Maintain the System Administrator Level I Desk Manual 
  • Monitor user adoption 
  • Assist with user training and creating training materials 
  • Perform all other tasks as assigned 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in the related field 
  • Previous technology and Salesforce experience 
  • Salesforce Administrator Certification is a plus 
  • Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications 
  • Able to produce significant output with minimal wasted effort 
  • Able to plan, organize, and manage schedules in an efficient and productive manner and can focus on key priorities 
  • Able to structure and process qualitative or quantitative data and draw insightful conclusions from it, and can provide penetrating insights 
  • Has excellent attention to detail and does not let important details through the cracks or derail a project 
  • Able to adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions and can cope effectively with complexity and change 
  • Able to generate new and innovative approaches to problems 
  • Possesses a strong willingness to work hard and can work long hours to get the job done 
  • Able to speak and write clearly and articulately without being overly verbose and talkative, and can maintain this standard in all forms of written communication, including email 
  • Comfortable with reaching out to peers and cooperating with supervisors to establish an overall collaborative working relationship 
  • Able to approach problems or differences of opinion with internal clients in a professional, and respectful solution-based manner 
  • Experience in a multi-client environment 
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed 

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