Website Content Editor/Product Specialist

Location: Philippines
Work Arrangement: Work from home
Work Hours:
9 AM – 6 PM Pacific Standard Time, follows Philippine holidays

The Role:

We are looking for a Website Content Editor/Product Specialist who wants to be intellectually challenged. The ideal candidate will own this all-encompassing position while helping to support the company’s growth in this rapidly evolving industry. 

This role would be responsible for ensuring that the company’s website has the most up-to-date catalog information, working with sales personnel in promoting the products, and connecting with customers with product concerns and requests. On top of web optimization, this role would also be involved in developing content to be integrated into the websites and e-newsletters, as well as tracking conversions from these channels. 

Essential Functions:

  • Complete product management, research, evaluate, price, describe and post products on the company’s online catalog 
  • Assist customers with special product requests from sales and support staff 
  • Collaborate with purchasing to streamline the company’s supply chain 
  • Optimize the product catalog by identifying sales trends, adding new products, promoting high-value products, and closing out obsolete inventory 
  • Ensure that the staff is well trained on any new products/technologies via live training demos and emails 
  • Assist with pricing analysis and adjustments by preparing quarterly reports 
  • Create and send out e-newsletters to customers 
  • Learn MAS 200 software (training will be provided) 
  • Understand the framework of the website and add content and make changes 
  • Write in a manner that is in accordance with the company’s communication style 
  • Be knowledgeable about the industry, customer base, and the nuances of the product catalog 
  • Utilize various resources to gather product information to ensure the website is updated 
  • Ensure all product offerings have a specific purpose and benefit and remove any that are redundant, low margin, slow-moving, or unnecessary 
  • Collaborate with purchasing team and the suppliers to streamline vendors 
  • Conduct product analysis and prepare quarterly management reports 
  • Create compelling and high-value content and send out monthly customer e-newsletters while tracking results to ensure ongoing click-through rates of 10-13% 
  • Leverage online marketing, website optimization, news stories, and other methods to promote the website and drive product sales 
  • Collaborate with sales, purchasing, and sales support to define a concise strategy for managing product mix 
  • Document best practices for managing exception requests outside the company’s normal offerings 
  • Be a technical expert, with resources to be provided 
  • Participate in the company culture 


  • A Bachelor’s degree in the related field 
  • Strong computer aptitude, which includes expertise with Microsoft 365 applications 
  • Experience with MAS 200 is an advantage 
  • Outstanding analytical and writing skills 
  • Strong attention to detail with a diligent work ethic 
  • Computer and tech-savvy 
  • Ability to multi-task and prioritize effectively 
  • Passionate about technology, smartphones, and tablets 
  • Possesses an interest in online marketing 
  • Organized and interested in being involved in a variety of projects 
  • Experience in a multi-client environment 
  • Aptitude in data management, analytics, reporting preparation 
  • Ability to function in an autonomous environment—independent worker, self-directed 

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