We are your x-factor in Borderless TalentTM. We believe there are no boundaries to finding a highly-skilled, engaged workforce that creates a competitive advantage. Founded by business leaders that strive to make a difference and have a positive impact in the world as a whole, DOXA is where people and trust come together. We collaborate with you to understand your business objectives, values and culture to connect you with the right talent and the right fit you can depend on.

What makes us different

Valued Partner

Built on a culture of trust, we align with your unique goals and are committed to helping you grow and efficiently scale your business quickly. Our white-glove meticulous approach to service is unmatched.

People First Approach

Our people are VIPs. We believe in always putting them first and take care in hiring by connecting them to a role they are wired to succeed in.

Conscious Capitalism Solution

Our purpose extends beyond profits where we inspire a culture of care, trust, and unity, making a positive impact on all stakeholders and communities.

Data Privacy and Security

Our expertise in remote technology management and cybersecurity and compliance maintains the highest level of safety and security.

Global Network

Our extensive network in the Philippines is an English-speaking, professional, highly-skilled and available workforce with a culture of excellence, work-ethic and strong values.


We help you grow your business by connecting you with highly skilled labor, saving up to 70% on hiring similar roles in places like the United States, Australia, and Europe. When we connect you with specific talent that fits your culture and values, you still get the benefits of DOXA’s infrastructure while a full-time, dedicated resource is driving results for your business.

These team members can fulfill any function for your business including:


IT'S WHAT WE CALL Borderless TalentTM

We are not a “one-size-fits-all” solution. Borderless TalentTM is our meticulous process in finding the right talent with the right fit. It’s more than just filtering through resumes.


In addition to understanding your needs, we get to know your business, culture and values. We also want to know your motivators, strengths, and skills so that we can align you with prospects that share the same.


We utilize a comprehensive process to connect you to top talent with the right fit for your needs all while placing them in a position they are wired to succeed. By helping you build a highly-skilled, engaged workforce you build a competitive advantage.


We help you train and manage your remote team with HR support, from time tracking and process mapping to monitoring performance and keeping your data safe and secure. Most importantly, we support you and your team every step of the way so you can focus on growing and scaling your business.


We are your x-factor in Borderless TalentTM.

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